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Key Considerations in Bar & Restaurant Design / Renovation

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Are you thinking to renovate your restaurant? Take a look at a few key considerations below by Agni Kyprianou of APK Designs LLC, a certified commercial designer specializing in Bar and Restaurant design.

The first thing I ask my clients is “why do you want to renovate?” A restaurant renovation is a costly undertaking and many times than not it takes quite a bit longer (and costs more) than the client has in mind. Renovate if you are seeing a steady decline in sales (ensure first your customer service and food are still great and your prices are competitive to your local market). If business is doing well and you just want to improve your interior, consider small cosmetic changes which can go a long way, such as painting the walls a different color, adding new décor etc.

If renovating is the way to go think of the following key elements of hospitality design first.

Is the flow of my restaurant efficient?

If the path from the kitchen to the dining area is obstructed or if the bus stations are at bad locations, it is time to consider laying out your floor in a more efficient manner first before any construction begins.

Does the layout of my restaurant give me maximum profit?

Restaurant Design / Seating Layout

Just like at a retail store, every square foot of public space in a bar / restaurant is a money generator. Make sure your seating at the bar and dining areas is arranged in a way which can accommodate the maximum number of people. For occupancy and fire codes you will need to either consult a design professional or contact your local building department. (photo credit Tom McGovern).

Is my lighting ideal? How can I improve it?

Lighting Design at a Bar / Restaurant

Lighting in bar and restaurant design has changed through the years and today it’s more important than ever. So even if your lighting is sufficient you may want to consider consulting with a lighting designer who specializes in hospitality design. Commercial and hospitality designers today use layered lighting, energy efficient fixtures and ways to set up light scenes, which once set up, you can change them right from your phone (i.e. Lunch Mood vs. Dinner Mood etc.) (photo credit Tom McGovern)

How about furniture?

Furniture Selection in a Bar / Restaurant Renovation

Once you have a good idea of your new floor layout, you will know how many tables, chairs and booths you will need. Professionals in hospitality design and commercial furniture sales can assist you with getting the right material for your restaurant. Commercial-rated upholstery fabrics have come a long way. When selecting furniture and finish materials however, make sure your selections support your brand image.

For more assistance in the renovation or new construction of your bar / restaurant, call us at 203-482-6308 or contact us today! APK Designs LLC specializes in Bar / Restaurant design and we would love to assist you in your next renovation.

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