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Hospitality Design

"Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere"


                                                                                            - Albert Einstein

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Dere Street Restaurant, Newtown CT | Bar & Restaurant Design

Zaragoza Tapas Bar, New Milford CT | Bar & Restaurant Design

Hospitality Design

Hiring an interior designer who specializes in hospitality design is key when renovating an existing space or setting off on a new venture. A commercial interior designer whose main focus is hospitality design can help you realize your vision without compromising on some crucial elements, which are synonymous with this design discipline. From large bars and restaurants to banquet halls, cafes, spas and hotel lobbies, APK Designs is ready to assist with all your design needs. During the first stages of design, we pay close attention to these key elements:

  • Conceptual Design - Although conceptual design is a crucial element in every area of interior design, it is of particular importance in Bar | Restaurant | Spa | Cafe design. APK's lead designer Agni says "You can't begin telling the story of Cinderella and end with Little Red Riding Hood". This is why we spend quite a bit of our Planning Phase time to develop the Story (concept) with our Client. The style and concept we begin to express during the beginning stages will become our compass for the rest of the project. This helps us achieve a cohesive, well-put-together design which speaks volumes when new and repeat customers experience the space.

  • Space Planning - At APK Designs we understand the great importance of a functional flow, as well as capitalizing on maximum seating for the bar and the dining areas alike. This is why we take the time to lay out the floor in the most efficient way possible for the floor to function well during the busiest of times while you are able to sit the maximum number of patrons as well.

  • Lighting - One of the most important aspects in bar | restaurant | cafe | spa design is lighting. Clients do not usually realize the importance and effect lighting has in a space until the project is complete and they turn on the switch. At APK Designs we put special emphasis on lighting design. Light color, degree of illumination and the use of appropriate materials around the light source, are key to a properly lit interior. We use layered lighting to create an overall mood and ambiance consistent with the overall concept. From hidden LED lighting to decorative light fixtures, while utilizing light-scenes, which control the illumination of your space during different times of the day, APK Designs can deliver. 

  • Acoustics - Just as many times as we heard from our clients who said they want a "lively" bar/restaurant, people have walked into restaurants which were so loud they decided not to dine there anymore. Yes, a lively restaurant is great but if you are sitting across from your friend or spouse at a dining table and you cannot hear what he/she is saying, "lively" turns to annoying. At APK Designs we propose a combination of soft and hard materials while taking acoustics into great consideration. The result can be a truly lively space without being too loud. 


Whether you want to just give a facelift to your restaurant, bar, spa, cafe or lobby or you are looking for a complete renovation, we are ready to help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a consultation. We'd love to hear from you!

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